Rapper TRICK Daddy Is On Instagram THREATENING His Baby Mama. . . He Just SPIT At. . .
Masika Just Posted Pic’s Of Her Daughter With Fetty Wap! People Are Saying The Paternity Test Was A Lie…
Gun Loving Mom Calls Family Meeting Then Murders Her Own Daughters as Revenge
Mom Who Shot Her Daughters Told Husband "This Is About Punishing You"
Someone Just Invented Alcoholic Popsicles
People Are Wearing Safety Pins In An Effort To Combat Post-Brexit Racism
She Brushes Cornstarch On Her Bedroom Windows. But The End Result? Gorgeous



Most Insane Things Found By Airport Security Ever

People have tried to be very creative with attempting to get through security, but they always get caught


Disney Fan Theories That Actually Hold Up

These really make sense and might change the way you see these movies, forever


Mark Zuckerberg Did This With His Webcam For Privacy And It Is Intelligently Crazy

He's too smart for his own good


Margot Robbie Reveals Origin Of Harley Quinn's Tattoos In 'Suicide Squad'

Are you ready for the ultimate villain?


They Said Coconut Oil Was Great For You, But Here's What They Didn't Tell You...

Here are even more uses for coconut oil that will make you stock up on it asap

#coconut oil

People's Last Facebook Posts Before Death

Haunting last words from the dearly departed. They will never sign in again, but their eerie status updates remain online as a reminder that every day could easily be our last.


Game Of Thrones Characters: Then And Now

These actors/actresses and characters have really changed.


Finally! Research Proves That THIS Woman Has The PERFECT Female Body!

Ever wonder what the perfect female body looks like? Look no further...


Girl’s Snapchat Story Started Out Happy, But Turned Painful In No Time

Well that took a turn for the worse...

#happy |  15241 views

Old Lady Sees Suspicious Couple In School Parking Lot. Then She Looks Down At Their Han...

It was a normal day driving the bus...

#assault |  3347 views
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